·       The fields that can be shown in the main jobs grid continues to expand.  New fields that can be shown with this release include the gender field from the request tab, as well as the therapist, counselor, and accounting notes.  Remember that you can customize the fields you show as well as the order that they are shown.

·       Admin users will have the ability to default to the calendar view instead of the job list view.  If you are in the calendar view when you log out of Atrium, you will default to the calendar view the next time that you log in – no setting changes are required!

·       The email editor for manual confirmation emails (to customers and interpreters) is now a full rich text editor which allows you to include images.

·       Entries in the Contacts tab of the client profile can be edited.  This is done by double-clicking in the row you wish to edit.  Please note that you are also now able to use filters to find the contacts as well as right-clicking within the grid to download the information into Excel.

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·       On the Access tab of the client profile, you are able to restrict the clients to allow only certain appointment types.  If nothing is entered in the box, all appointment types are allowed.  Please note that this is the default for all clients.  If appointment types are entered in the box, only those appointment types are allowed for the client.

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