Beginning with the new version of Atrium, there are several changes within credentials management.  You are able to require documentation for certain credentials and require that all interpreters have certain credentials.  These are managed within Administration – Maintain Credentials.

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If Document Required is set to Yes, then the documentation must be uploaded for the credential to be approved.  If Required by Interpreter is set to Yes, then the interpreter must have that credential before being assigned to a request.  You are still able to require specific credentials for specific customers just as you have in the past.


The Credentials Management tab in the interpreter profile has been updated to provide you with information about the credentials that are expired, are expiring soon, and are missing from the interpreter’s profile.  All credentials marked with a red asterisk indicate that documentation is needed.

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Hovering over the buttons will show you which credentials are expired, expiring soon or missing. 

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Clicking the icons in the Action column allows you to attach a new file for documentation (paperclip), delete the credential (trashcan), download the current file for the credential (download) or edit the credential (pencil).

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To add a new credential, click on the plus sign in the blue circle in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  You will select the credential from the drop-down list (all credentials marked with a paperclip require documentation as part of the credential), and the effective date is automatically filled in with the current date.  The expiration date may be completed as well and a file uploaded for documentation.  Any notes may be entered, then click the Done button. 

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For a credential to be active for an interpreter, you will need to ensure that it is approved.  To approve a credential, you will click on the pencil icon to edit it and click the Approved box in the lower right hand corner of the card.

Additionally, there will be new reports for the credentials management.  These reports will show you:

·       Credentials to be approved

·       Expiring credentials

·       Missing credentials

·       A crosstab Excel report showing the interpreters and their credentials