Starting with version 7.117, the Atrium allow you to keep track of an interpreters availability.  They can determine what hours they will work during the week and on weekends.  They can also advise when they are unavailable for special events like personal business, vacations, etc.
This information along with if they speak the language, are of the required gender, are already scheduled, have been banned by the LEP/Consumer/Patient, have been banned by the customer and have the qualifications required by the customer will be now be taken into account when you search for an available interpreter.  You will not waste your time offering jobs to interpreters who are not actually available for them.
With version 8.0.0, the interpreter can manage this information from the Interpreter Portal.  The screens for the Admin and for the Interpreter are the same, so this article will discuss them both as being the same thing.
To open the Availability tab in Atrium as an Admin, you need to click the menu item Databases>Interpreters.  Then open an interpreter and select the Availability tab.  To do this as an Interpreter, log in to the Interpreter Portal and click the Availability tab.

If you examine the screen capture below, you can see that this interpreter is available midnight to 7 pm on Wednesday and not at all on Thursday.  For the remaining weekdays, the interpreter is available for 24 hours.  To change this, just click the controls for the time and then click Save.  It works the same for Weekends.  There is only one start and end time per day allowed.  No split shifts are permitted at this time.  If the interpreter is not available at all, as on Sundays below, the deselect the Available check box for that day.  

If the interpreter has an appointment or wants to take a long weekend, it is necessary to create entries under 'Specific Unavailable Days'  To do so, click the Add button on the lower right.  You then select the start and end time that the interpreter is not available or select the All Day checkbox.  See example below.  This interpreter is taking off on 8/15 from 12 midnight to 11am.   On 8/16, the interpreter is off all day.