There are a number of factors determining whether a job appears on the interpreters portal/mobile device:

1.  The basics:  The interpreter must

  • be in the system for that language
  • be of the correct gender if it is specified
  • not already scheduled for that time (including the driving time pad)
  • not banned be by the customer
  • not be banned by the client
  • have the Required Qualifications
  • be available according the their Availability schedule
2.  The jobs must be within the 'Preview Days' set for their account in Administration/Maintain Users

3.  The job must have the checkbox 'Show on Interpreter Portal' checked on the Interpreters Tab of the Request.

If you have carefully checked all of these conditions and believe a job should still show and does not, then submit a ticket with the details of the job that is not showing and the interpreter who should be seeing it.