Interpreters are now able to see the push notifications that they have received on their mobile device when they sign in to the app.  These can be seen by clicking on Notifications in the bottom menu. 


Interpreters can enable push notifications with the mobile app.  The notifications are sent when there is a change in a job that an interpreter is assigned to or when an interpreter is offered a job.  If the notification is due to a change in a job, there is a yellow dot next to the notification.  If the notification is for a job offer, the dot is blue until the interpreter responds to it.  The dot will change to red if the interpreter declines, light blue if the interpreter accepts the job but it is no longer available and green if the interpreter accepts and is assigned to the job.


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Interpreters are able to use the filter to determine which notifications they would like to view.


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To clear the notifications, the interpreters can swipe to the left,


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Or the notification will clear after 24 hours or when the job is in the past.