After entering your time and pressing next, you are able to upload a timesheet if you have a paper timesheet that needs to be submitted.  You can either use an existing picture or take a new picture.


When you use the camera, you simply take a picture of the timesheet.  Please note that it is not saved to your phone.


Once the timesheet or picture is uploaded, simply press next to continue.


The next screen shows the activities and timesheet and is ready for the customer to review and sign.


When the customer slides down the screen, they will see a box for their signature.  They should rotate the phone and sign their name.

Next, they should click on Save Sign, rotate the phone, scroll down and enter their name.


 All that is left is to click on the Submit button.  You should receive a message that the job has been submitted.  At this point, the job has been removed from your Assigned Jobs tab.