If you work in a company where there are multiple people opening requests, you may have received a message when attempting to save a change you made to a request that looked like this:

While the locking process saves you from overwriting information that you did not know was there, it is a little inconvenient to have to type it all over again.  To help avoid this problem, we have added a warning to let you know when a request is open by another user when you open it.  You can then coordinate with that user so that you do not have this conflict message.  


When a request is open by someone else when you open it, you will receive a notice in large red letters telling you that it is open and by whom it was opened. The message will look like the one below.  You can now ask them to close the record and you can refresh your instance before you attempt to make any changes.



If someone should open a request and then either close their browser without closing that request or simply walk away from their computer, this "lock" will expire in 30 minutes.