As your customers are developing plans to respond to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, LSP Ware is committed to helping you continue to provide services to your community without the need for face-to-face interactions. 

Did you know that LSP Ware allows you to schedule video remote interpretation sessions?  We have partnered with Zoom, who is the industry leader in video solutions, to provide a tightly integrated product.  You are able to schedule the appointment in Atrium and once the service is completed, the actual start and stop time are automatically recorded for you in Atrium.

While we hope that the Covid-19 outbreak does not impact your community, we know that you need to be prepared to continue providing services to your partners.  Click here for a short video demonstrating how the service works.  If you desire, we can set up a playground for you to test and become more familiar with the service.  Please click here to request a personal demonstration of the video remote interpretation service or email