It starts with adding activities to a job.  Open a job and click the “Actuals” tab

 Click the Add Task button
Information from originating job will be set as default values.

Use controls to change Interpreter, Activity, Start Time, and/or End Time.  This will calculate the Cost and Bill values based on the rules set up for the Cost Rates and Bill Rates for the selected activity.

If you do not wish to use the calculated for Cost and Bill Amt, click the “Allow Override Amounts” check box.  You may now edit the red fields and put in override amounts.
Add additional activities for same or other interpreter assigned to this job.NOTE: If you allow your interpreters to enter their own actuals either via the interpreter portal or the mobile application, then the above steps will not be needed

Click the “Ready” check box next to the activities that you are approving.  Clicking this check box means that this activity is approved and ready for billing to the customer (and paying the interpreter).
Save the job and close it. Next, you need to click the “Financials” menu item and click “Customer Invoices”
Make sure to select only “Needs Invoicing” on the bottom right side of the screen.
Select the item on the left you want to invoice and the details will show on the right.
Click the checkbox to the right of the activity you want to create.  If there is a large number of activities in the invoice, you can click the “All” checkbox.

Click the “Prepare Invoice” button and a create invoice form will appear.  Select the appropriate dates and add a message to the invoice if you like.  Uncheck the boxes as appropriate.  The click the “Generate Invoice” button.
If you have chosen to print the invoice, it will appear now as a pdf document. Which you can choose to save or print as you wish.  If your system is configured for integration with QuickBooks, this invoice will either be sent to your Online QuickBooks or queued for synchronization with your Desktop QuickBooks. 

You will now see a message advising you of the new invoice number and you can observe that the activity (or activities) for this invoice are no longer on screen. They now can be seen by clicking the “Unpaid” checkbox on the lower left. At this point you can close the document and continue with invoicing or any other task in the system.