!.  Make sure you have created items for each of the activities.  You will need both Invoice items to appear on invoices and Bill items for Check Requests.  Make sure that you distinguish the former as associated with revenue accounts and the latter as expenses.  The typical account for these expenses is Cost of Goods Sold, but you may choose to use another.  There is a good video on how to do it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md-IIp7M3yM

2. Remember that the Online integration of Quickbooks with Atrium transfers Check Requests as Checks.  That means you have to configure the correct checking account.  It will default to being configured in Atrium as 'Checking' of type 'Bank'.  If you want to use a different account name   YOU MUST LET LSPWARE  ACCOUNT MANAGER KNOW SO THAT IT CAN BE PROPERLY CONFIGURED IN THE SETTINGS.  These settings are not available to the user.