Bulk Approvals Process

Atrium allows you to approve your activities to be billed to your clients and paid to your interpreters either individually or in a bulk process.  The bulk process is located under the Financials menu.

This is the screen that you will see: 

This allows you to search for activities to be approved within a date range based on several criteria.  This allows you to group similar transactions.  For example, if you wanted to review all activities from May 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018 for Spanish interpretations for the client Central Hospital (including all child locations) where there was no mileage, the search would appear as follows:  

You can even save these searches to streamline the approval process even further. 

After entering the criteria, a grid with the search results is shown.

At this point, you have a lot of information about each of the transactions to be approved.  The Estimated Difference (In Minutes) column is the difference between the scheduled appointment length and the actual recorded appointment length.  The Signature time Difference (In Minutes) is the difference between the time stamp of the signature obtain through the mobile app and actual end time as recorded by the interpreter.  You can sort on any of the column headings to quickly identify any transactions that need further review.   

More information can be obtained by hovering over certain fields.   

Activity – Scheduler Notes
Customer – Invoice Notes
Interpreter – Visit Notes
Cost Amount – Average rate paid to the interpreter
Bill Amount – Average rate billed to the customer
Signature Time Difference – the signature date/time stamp

If anything needs to be modified, double clicking on a line will bring up the activity card for that transaction.  Changes can be made there and will show in the grid after they are saved. 

If further review is needed, clicking on the request number will pull up the request on the actuals tab.  You have access to all tabs of the request to review any necessary details. 

You can select individual transactions to be approved or you can click the Select All button in the lower right hand corner and Approve.