Stored documents are related to an interpreter's attributes.  For instance is you have you want to store a Background Check report you need to have an attribute with a name you can easily recognize like, in this case, "Background Check".  If you don't already have this attribute, you need to go to Administration/Maintain Attributes and create it.  You do this by clicking the Add button on the lower left.

Next you need to fill in the fields on the right.  For this example, we will name the attribute "Background Check".  It is not a qualification of an interpreter, but it is a requirement for our company, so we mark it so.  We mark the date of the start of this policy and, we want to review this policy in 5 years, so we will set it to expire then.  Then hit save and your have completed this part.

Now we go to Databases/Interpreters and open the record of the interpreter and select the Attributes tab.  After clicking "Add New Attribute"  we can select Background Check from the drop down box, put the date of completion of the check, and set it to expire in one year (this company requires new background checks every year).

Now is a good time to save, although it is not necessary. 
To store a document associated with this attribute and interpreter, click the 'Browse' button.  Select your file and click the appropriate button from your OS.  You will see something like the following.  

Now click the Save button again and it will be uploaded.

Hereafter, when you open this interpreter's Attributes tab, you can just click on the file name and download it.  
By the way, if you save the file as a graphic (jpg, gif or png), when you click on the link, it will display on screen.