We are finding that the large number of LEPs that are accumulating in many of our user's databases are having a negative affect on performance.  For this reason we have changed the way the type-ahead field works for LEPs.  We no longer attempt to download the entire database of LEPs at login.  Instead, when you type in characters to use for search for an LEP, we do not look them up until you have paused typeing for one second or more.  
When you have paused, you will see the suggestions.  These suggestions will remain in the drop down box to be filtered as you type in more characters.  So, typing in 'Jo' and pausing for one second will bring back all names beginning with 'Jo'.  If you then type in 'hn', that list will be filtered for all names beginnning with 'John'.  
One thing that is different, however is if you erase the characters you are searching on, and start typing in others, it will look for these characters in the list that has already been returned.  At this point you need to 'Clear Cache' in the typeahead field.  There is an icon in the lower right corner of the type ahead field for LEP.  Click that and you will empty the list.  You then type in your new characters.  One second after you stop typing, it will search for and return the new list of suggestions.
See the picture below for where to find this icon to 'Clear Cache'.  Do not confuse this clearing of cache with clearing cache in your browser.  It is a similar concept, but the data is much different.