In the Administration/Maintain Users screen there has been some confusion about the checkboxes for 'Scheduler' and 'Admin Scheduler'.  With version 7.012 we are trying to clarify this.

When you create a user with the Authority of "Administrator", you can restrict this role by clicking the 'Scheduler' checkbox.  This means they will not be able to add, edit or delete activities from a request.  You can choose to restrict their menu view even further by selecting and deselecting menu items.
We complicated things even more when we added a checkbox for users with Authority of "Administrator" by labeling it 'Admin Scheduler'.  This has been changed to 'Can Edit Scheduler Notes'.  That is the only effect.  If it is checked, this user can edit the box containing Scheduler Notes on the interpreters tab of a request.

The checkbox next to a user with the Authority of "Client" use to also say 'Scheduler'.  This was confusing.  All clients are limited to being schedulers except if you want them to see their invoices.  So the checkbox lable has been changed to say "Can not view invoices".  Much clearer, we hope.