Select the interpreter database from Databases - Interpreters.  There is a blue circle with a plus sign (+) in the lower right-hand corner.  Clicking on the plus sign will pop up the blank interpreter profile.

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Everything in red is a required field.  

The Agency box is checked if the interpreter is actually an agency that you subcontract with.  When an assignment is made to an agency, there is a space to enter the name of the interpreter who will be performing the service. That interpreter's name will be used in confirmation emails sent to your customer.  

After a mobile phone number is entered, a box will appear to indicate if the interpreter will accept SMS messages. 

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If that box is checked, new boxes will appear to indicate if SMS messages will be sent to the interpreter only when a change is made to a job assigned to them, only when a new job is being offered to them, or for both.

The interpreter's time zone will be defaulted to the time zone for your agency.  If this is not correct, clicking on the time zone will bring up a drop down list of time zones to select from.

Once all required information is entered, the Save button will no longer be greyed out and the profile may be saved.

The next step is to click over to the Payment Info tab.

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The majority of the information on this tab is not required and is for informational purposes only, meaning that it can be used in reporting.  The most important information on this tab is the interpreter's status.  For the interpreter to be eligible for job assignments, the status must be set to either Interpreter or Interpreter/Translator.  

A few notes about some of the other fields:

  • If a social security number is entered, it is hashed by default. Clicking on the eye icon in the field will display the social security number.
  • The Can Enter Hours checkbox is always checked by default.  This means that activities may be entered for jobs where the interpreter is assigned.
  • The Uses Drive Time checkbox is also always checked by default.  This means that the interpreter uses the drive time padding from your company settings to allow for travel in between assignments.  Uncheck this box with caution to allow for remote-only interpreters to be available for back-to-back appointments.
  • The Display Rate box allows the entry of a rate that may be displayed in the Interpreter tab of a request.  This is for information only and does not mean that is the rate the interpreter will be paid for a request.  An entry here just allows the schedulers to see a cost for this interpreter relative to other interpreters.
  • The Mileage Cap box allows interpreters to indicate how many miles they are willing to travel for an assignment.  If nothing is entered, the interpreter is assumed to be willing to travel to all assignments.  If there is an entry in this box, the interpreter will not show as available if the mileage from their home to the assignment is greater than the entry in the box.
  • Clicking the Grant Interpreter Portal Access will create an interpreter user account for the interpreter portal.  If the email template is active, the interpreter will receive an email with their log in credentials, including a temporary password.

After saving changes on the Payment Info tab, the next step is to assign languages to the interpreter.  Click on the Languages tab, and the plus sign to add a new language.

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The language name must already be in the database.  If it is not, please refer to the article for maintaining languages for assistance.  Start typing the language name and a drop-down list will appear for you to select the correct language.

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The Rating is not required, but may be displayed in the Interpreters tab of the request to assist in the selection of the interpreters.  Interpreters are always available and qualified for on-site services.  Please check the boxes to indicate if they will be available for remote services as well.

The Credentials Management tab is where the interpreter's credentials are displayed and any documentation may be stored.  Please refer to the articles for credentials management for additional information.

The Feedback tab is where feedback for the interpreter may be entered.  This can be entered by an admin or by customers via the mobile app.

The Work Log tab will show the history of completed assignments by the interpreter and will be automatically populated.

The Comments & Notes allow the entry of comments and/or notes.  The comments are not displayed anywhere, but the notes may be seen on the Interpreter tab of a request by hovering over the icon next to the interpreter's name.

The interpreter's availability is automatically set to be available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  This may be managed from the Availability tab.  Please see the article How do I Manage Interpreter Availability for more information.

The Rate Overrides tab is where you can view any rate overrides entered for the interpreter, or to enter a new rate override.  Please refer to articles about managing rates for more information.

The Calendar tab is a calendar view of the interpreter's schedule.  You may select the Month, Week, Working Week or Day view for the calendar.

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